Generate valuable leads

Archie Europe and have developed a link that can help you find the right leads.

Focus on the right prospects

By looking at Archie CRM to see which clients you're doing successful business with, you can easily create an ideal client profile. For example, analyze in which industries you're already successful. Or use the 80/20 rule in the Archie client pyramid to determine which organizations generate the most revenue.

Find look-alike prospects

This information gives you a good idea of what kind of organizations you mesh with. Using these details within, you can find new companies that match your ideal client profile.

Follow up and measure results

You can import the new leads directly into Archie, ready to be followed up. Over time, you can re-analyze the results to potentially further optimize your client profile and your lead database.

"Success is a choice. With 14 people in the field, having good information
is crucial. In order to achieve growth, both tools are indispensable."

Salland Olie

More revenue from existing network

Besides building a valuable lead database, also provides insight into your relationship network. You can see if your client has any intriguing affiliates. Or whether your contact is also involved with other businesses. Connecting via an existing contact is often easier than forming new ones.

10-minute online demo

Would you like to learn what the combination of Archie's software and can mean for your organization? Through an online webinar, we are offering you the opportunity to get to know Archie in your own workplace in just ten minutes. The demonstration will be performed for you exclusively by one of our account managers. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone.

Contact us for an online demo

Archie &
Archie Europe is the producer of Archie, the software suite for CRM and relationship management. is the largest online database of information about businesses, drawn from over 500 sources. 

By joining forces, we can offer:
  • valuable leads
  • insight into relationship networks
  • currect (financial) customer data

Want to learn more?

Customer experiences
Curious how organizations work with Archie CRM? Click here to read their story. Or check out our customer portfolio.

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