With Archie CRM, you can actively manage your knowledge about your relationships. Everyone who is or becomes involved has immediate insight into the situation’s status    — be it with prospects, customers or inter- mediaries. All information that contributes to a valuable, lasting relationship is structured in Archie, giving you a handle on every one of them and allowing you to respond to their needs.

Marketing is all about tracing the customer journey. You want to move customers to action or conversion by grabbing their attention and interest. The more you know about them, the better you’ll be able to guide them in that direction. With Archie CRM, you can ensure the right people receive the right message at the right time. This can be done, for instance, by defining target groups based on precise relation and customer profiles.

Archie provides practical analytics capabilities and dashboards that enable you to meet your objectives in a controlled way. You can use Archie to keep track of all factors that affect business processes, be it relationship management, sales, marketing or services. So you’ll know whether you’re on the right track — individually, as a team, or at the whole-organization level.

To create and exploit opportunities for sales, you pursue a proactive sales strategy. Every part of your organization gathers information that can contribute to this: sales, services and office staff.
Archie allows you to compile this information into well-organized, dynamic customer and lead dossiers that give everyone a good picture of how things stand.

Show that you’re on top of what’s happening with your relations. They’ll appreciate it, and it’s a small effort. In Archie CRM, you can keep track of all information pertaining to them in a highly structured way, enabling you to tailor your message to the customer’s particular circumstances and ensure that the recipient feels personally attended to — whether it’s a one-to-one interaction or a message sent to a group.

With Archie CRM, you’ve got a standard piece of software — but the possibilities are so numerous that it may seem like the software was designed just for you. Archie can run either in the cloud or on your own server; it’s up to you. In both cases, only a minimal amount of administration is involved. And thanks to an experienced team of Archie coaches and support staff ready to assist, you’re free to place your focus where it belongs: on your relationships.