Business CRM

Archie CRM adapts itself to the organization, supports customer contact on all fronts, and motivates employees to show initiative an be proactive. It was designed for medium-sized working groups and management. Practical analyses and dashboards provide insight into the realization of objectives. It integrates with Microsoft software and is easy to connect to front and back office systems.

The core of the Archie CRM solution fosters sharing of knowledge. End users get a bird's-eye view of all relevant data via PC, tablet or smartphone. Activities and opportunities are supported down to the last detail. Registration and input is effortless, and often automatic. Effective communication with the right contacts is a natural outcome.

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Distinguishing characteristics

A user-friendly interface, an extensive range of features, practical dashboards, comprehensiveness, adaptibility, a smooth learning curve, and limited consultancy.


Archie CRM is available for smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. Possibilities for the investment start at € 200 per month. You can run Archie on your own systems or in the Dutch or European Archie Cloud. 

CRM uses


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