Ready-to-use software for the non-profit sector

Archie Europe has a ready-to-use non-profit version of its CRM software, which supports non-profit organizations in accepting their Corporate Social Responsibility.The software is customized to the needs and wishes of organizations in the non-profit sector, such as government institutions, foundations, pressure groups and charitable institutions. 

A single centralized relation file

Archie Non-Profit offers fund raisers access to a single centralized relation file. Users gain insight into their relations and the interests that they represent. Relation networks and relations within current projects are made insightful.

Effective campaign management

The software also contributes to effective campaign management. It will be quick and easy to send mailshots and e-mails and to make analyses. With Archie Non-Profit, it also becomes easier to communicate with different target groups, such as members, benefactors, sponsors, partners and volunteers.

Insight and reports

Creating files, organization and activity management, as well as customer registration are also possible. You will share knowledge and produce reports, as well as gain insight into administrative processes. You have direct access to all the necessary management information and it is easy to make management analyses for redirecting or making adjustments, as well as for taking decisions.

Immediate improvements of efficiency

The structure of the software and the easy input of data produce immediate improvements in productivity and efficiency. The relationship between receipts and expenditure is transparent. Optimal communication guarantees sustained and even growing financial receipts. There are also cost savings, because the number of applications is minimized with Archie.

Archie Non-Profit immediately leads to internal cost savings and an external image improvement for your organization.


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