Preparation Phase

During this phase the preparation for the installation of the final version of Archie is carried out. The files to be linked/imported are investigated based on the Archie setup that has been decided upon. The import is prepared and tested. Those responsible for the import/linking operation within your organization ensure that the files are delivered in an import format that Archie can accept.

The future users of Archie will be trained in the use of the software within your organization. The provision of this information will be prepared and carried out in consultation with the Operational Coach from Archie Europe.

Technical Result: Import
Involved: Import manager(s) &
project manager (client)
Software Integration Engineer Archie Europe


Functional Result: Information provided to users
Involved: Project manager & functional project team (client)
Operational Coach Archie Europe
Average duration: Around 2 - 5 weeks

Implementation Plan


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