Definition Phase

In this phase the Operational Coach from Archie Europe carries out a further investigation of the results/aims you have formulated as indicated in the project plan. The investigation is carried out by means of a number of questions for each result specified.

Your project team will provide the necessary information regarding data necessary to develop a prototype of Archie and will prepare every meeting so that desires and requirements are expressed as clearly as possible at the start of each inventory round.

In order to guarantee that the installation of Archie runs smoothly, a technical inventory and inspection of the existing infrastructure will also be carried out. This will be carried out by the Software Integration Engineer from Archie Europe.

Functional Result: Functional inventory
Involved: Project manager & functional
project team (client)
Operational Coach Archie Europe


Technical Result: Technical inventory
Involved: System manager & project manager
Software Integration Engineer Archie Europe
Average duration: Around 4 - 5 weeks

Implementation Plan


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