2017 Archie Europe has been independent for 20 years. Archie Europe commences development to support GDPR compliance.

2016 A private view of El Dorado was launched by Archie Europe in Sevilla.

2015 Archie Europe has completed the final design of Archie 2017, codename El Dorado.

2014 Archie Europe innovates integration with Company.Info and e-mail marketing with Spotler (voorheen MailPlus).

2013 Archie Europe is the first CRM vendor to launch Smartsearch

2012 Archie Europe professionalizes its news site with Events and interesting CRM and ICT news

2011 Archie Europe’s Attention Monitor is a world first.

2010 Archie Europe introduces its own Cloud CRM hosting.

2009 Archie Europe is nominated the “Software supplier of the year”.

2009 Archie Europe is the first vendor to launch Google-like search.

2008 Archie Europe introduces a subscription model allowing the Archie software to be used for a monthly fee.

2004 Archie Europe provides solutions for Windows, Internet and mobile phones.

1997 Archie Europe gains independence and entirely puts its focus on the development and marketing of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM).

1991 Archie is awarded “The best sales support software” prize.

1988 The Dutch Randstad Groep takes over Archie Europe, acquiring knowledge of software development for databases and PC networks.

1984 Archie Europe starts developing and selling software for PCs and local networks. This leads to the Archie software product for relationship management, marketing and sales support.

1968 The company that would later become Archie Europe starts an automation organization under the name AICA. Using mainframe computers, online services are provided to importers, car dealers and marketing agencies.