Art at Archie

Archie Europe isn't just about CRM software. Hanging on our walls is an extensive collection by the Dutch artist Cecile de Bruijn.
Color and passion

Cecile de Bruijn's works are colorful, cheerful and imaginative, ranging from paintings and sculptures to pastels and serigraphs. The striking use of color and painted frames that form part of her paintings are characteristic of her style, featuring many stylized female figures, animals, and primitive South African and South American symbologies.


General manager Dik van Bommel discovered the works of Cecile de Bruijn several years ago. He immediately found them simultaneously inspiring and relaxing, and saw them as a great addition to our company. Since starting out with only a few specimens, our collection has grown to nearly 40 pieces, and Archie Europe wouldn't be the same without them.


A sample of Cecile de Bruijn's collection can be found on the website as well as on Facebook. Or you can order the book KLEURenPASSIE (COLORandPASSION) about Cecile de Bruijn from


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