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About us


Our mission is to deliver innovative software that helps organizations build and maintain durable relationships.


Every organization needs to bind people and enter into relationships in order to accomplish its raison d’être and guarantee its continuity. For maintaining solid, durable relationships, reliable information about your partners and customers is indispensable. These relationship details are the basis for (pro)active communication and conduct.

Our many years of experience have shown that relevant relationship data is essential for maintaining professional and personal contact with the right people. With it, you can build up a network of people who enjoy doing business with you.

For proper relationship management, general front office software – like word processors and spreadsheet applications – proves too limited. Using such software leads to fragmentation of relationship data within an organization, since customer records end up being kept in local databases or Excel sheets. A lot of valuable customer knowledge may be lost that way. In integrated systems that offer both back office services and relationship management, the emphasis is often on workflow and security – leading to constraints, reduced performance and impaired ease of use.

By making relationship data accessible through a central relationship database, you create an optimal situation for successful relationship management. CRM software unifies data from the front office, back office, social media and the market in a single, easily accessible place. This data can then be accessed on PCs, laptops and smartphones alike, quickly and without any hassle. Practical procedures ensure effortless communication with partners, customers and colleagues. And you’ve always got the most up-to-date data at your fingertips – the basis for fruitful contact with the right people. Archie CRM was specifically developed with this in mind.

Core values

Archie Europe applies the maxim ‘say what you do and do what you say’. Based on mutual respect and trust. We are committed to creating a future-proof solution that enables our clients to get many years’ use out of their investment, and thereby turning key users into our ambassadors.

We are proud of our products and committed to our users.

Internally, we foster an independent mindset amongst our staff. There is a positive and open-minded working atmosphere at Archie. We invest in the knowledge, skills and development of our employees.

Products and Services

The basic product of Archie Europe bears the brand name Archie. The latest product line is called Archie XRM. This line is divided into solutions for Profit and Non-Profit organizations.

Archie XRM is the pulsing heart of many organizations when it comes to relationship management. Archie provides the users with a helicopter view of all data involving relations and contacts. This makes it easy to build long-term relationships with a large number of contacts.

Archie also ensures that all formal and informal information stays within the organization and does not disappear due to staff turnover.

In addition to the Archie product lines, Archie Europe also develops and markets services for implementation, training, consultancy, maintenance and support.

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