non profit crm

Market forces, privatization, and the withdrawal of subsidies lead to unprecedented dynamics in the non-profit sector. Organizations are looking for other ways to obtain financial flows. Capitalizing on knowledge available within the organization and working on reputation and relevance are daily concerns.

Mapping out relationships and a structured approach to individuals and groups is crucial in order to reach new goals. The proper tools are often lacking, and knowledge is fragmented throughout the organization.

Archie ‘non-profit’ CRM software is designed to address these issues and is used by government, foundations, interest groups, industry associations, charities, and knowledge institutes.

Understanding and cooperation

The organizations have to deal with a multitude of contacts that are of great value. Archie provides insight into complex relationship networks and alliances, such as those with chain partners. The result is a single, central customer database. This eliminates the loose address files and (MS-Excel) address lists from the organization.

By providing insight into the information and making it easy to share, cooperation within the organization, working groups, and committees is strengthened. Knowledge of the target group is shared, meaning activities are better tuned to the audience.

Proactive organization

After implementation, communication with individuals or groups is efficiently supported immediately by the centralization of customer data. Developments surrounding networking, organizations or individuals are up-to-date and accessible to all concerned. The results of campaigns and marketing can be tracked instantly. This brings calm and proactivity to the organization.

Distinguishing features of Archie include user-friendliness, completeness, adaptability, a good learning curve, and limited consultancy. You can run Archie from your own servers or choose the Archie Cloud, eliminating the need for your own servers or database software.

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