CRM is changing. While it used to be enough to store some customer data in a simple software package, nowadays CRM is a strategy that affects all levels of the organization. In addition, the digital context in which we live has changed the behavior of customers. This requires a different mindset and adapted strategies in terms of CRM. Meet a new formula: CRM = CMR + CEM + SCRM.

CMR, Customer Managed Relations

Sellers used to seek out customers. Today customers find your organization. The customer is in control and not the organization. It is not about you as an organization managing relationships, it is about the customer managing his own relationships: CMR: customer managed relations. What does that require from the organization? You follow the customer and ensure that you are there when the customer needs you: you facilitate! Of course you ensure that the data resulting from these interactions is processed in the CRM system, so that the information is available again during the customer’s next steps in his customer journey.

CEM, Customer Experience Management

Because today’s customers are more critical than they used to be – simply because there is far more information available to them for comparison and knowledge enrichment – creating the optimal customer experience is more important than ever. Customer Experience Management (CEM) therefore plays an important role. This is about meeting or preferably even exceeding the expectations of the customer at any time that the customer comes into contact with the organization. That will contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The data from the CRM is invaluable within CEM.


SCRM, Social CRM
Social media can no longer be ignored. Whether an organization has its own platform or not, people (can) talk about your organization on social media. Your CRM strategy should therefore also focus on interactions with customers on social media. Social Customer Relationship Management enables organizations to listen to customers, to follow customers, to engage in interactions, increase engagement and to follow up on leads that result from this.