Outlook Mail

Outlook en Archie work very well together when it comes to email.
With a simple click from within Outlook, emails (including attachments) are stored in Archie in association with the appropriate organizations and contacts. Unknown contacts and email addresses can easily be added in Archie. Support calls can also easily be linked to an email.
Your data will always be up to date in Archie.


Sending an e-mailing likewise is a piece of cake. From within either Archie or Outlook. Emails are linked to the right organizations and contacts in both directions. Send emails the way you’re used to in Outlook and never lose track of them again. From within Outlook, you can easily send an email to a specific group of contacts from Archie in one go.

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Outlook’s calendar and Archie are a match like no other. Appointments and changes are automatically propagated both ways. Contacts, organizations and call notes created in Outlook automatically show up in Archie. 

Corporate Style – Word

Archie’s House Style module optimizes the integration of Archie El Dorado with MS Word. It enables the use of templates and archiving in the original MS Word format.
This way you can maintain a consistent and optimal house style.

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Excel / Powerpoint

You can easily link spreadsheets and presentations created in these programs to (multiple) organizations in Archie. This way you can easily share information and make it available to everyone. Of course, you can also save them in such a way that not everyone has access.


The integration with Archie and Outlook Calendar allows you to link a Teams meeting and invite colleagues to participate. Minutes, call reports or audio files can be saved afterwards.