With the Archie CRM software you have the option to create “Custom Fields” This opens up a wide range of possibilities to adapt Archie even further to your wishes, without customisation. With this MPM (Multi Purpose Module) a database behind the organisation and the contact persons can be created and filled with company-specific information.

Inspection reports

For example, the MPM can be used to create a template for an inspection report, which can be entered by the inspector on the spot. This can be done via a tablet or a laptop, which eliminates the need to work with forms that need to be sent or brought to the office. Manual input or copying from a word processor or e-mail is then a thing of the past.

Comprehensive customer visit report

If a salesman has visited a customer he can immediatly enter a visit report even when he is in his car in the car park. This can be done in the history and is usually sufficient for a standard customer report. But what if more information is requested?

Via the “Custom Fields”, fields can be created with a possibility to choose from fixed and default values or options can be ticked. This allows the necessary information to be added quickly and used, for example, by the sales office, which can make a quotation on the basis of the comprehensive report.

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Telephone script

When it is time to “cold call” new customers, you can create a telephone script in the MPM. By using fixed questions, the “Custom Fields” can be used as a guide for the phone call and the information is recorded immediately.

Specific company information

Suppose there needs to be a clear overview of, for example, the leased cars driven by your employees, or if you want to keep track of the laptops, smartphones and other devices provided by the company, then the MPM is the answer. This also applies to personal information such as education or hobbies. By using “Custom Fields” all this information ends up in the organisation and contact cards.

Shielding information

Not all information is for everyone. With the MPM module, it is possible to shield company sensitive information, per organisation, so that only employees with the correct rights can view it.

Shortcodes, lists and correspondence

By means of shortcodes, it is possible to use the information stored in the MPM to create lists or to incorporate it into correspondence or e-mails. This enables the sending of highly personalised emailings, with the additional information stored behind the contact or organisation.

If you want more information about the MPM module and Custom Fields, please request a free demo or contact our sales department on 0299-411800.

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