Loading your brand with CRM

by | Mar 30, 2017 | CRM

CRM for individual brand proposition

Loading a brand has to do with the way you position the brand on the one hand, and the way the outside world views it on the other. Is what you’re aiming for with your brand truly being realized? This is where CRM strategy and brand strategy really come together.

CRM is never a stand-alone concept; it contributes to the overall goal, and thus also to loading a brand. Besides being a strategy, above all, CRM can be a philosophy. At the same time, a CRM system is a tool that helps you gather information to support your brand strategy and share information to keep strengthening your brand.

Brand loading is a continuous process

An organization’s behavior has a major impact on the way people experience the brand. The phrase ‘loading a brand’ contains a verb which refers to a continuous process. That process begins with the internal organization, which must be permeated by the core values and convey that fact to the outside world; just like with the CRM philosophy. The employees ensure that the promise is fulfilled; whether by email, over the phone, on the website, in store, or through another kind of communication. If one of the designated core values is ‘excellent service’, that will have to be reflected both in words (spoken and written) and in deeds.

Loading your brand with  CRM

Brand experience is personal

The way someone experiences a brand is highly personal. And that’s precisely where a CRM system can help you load your brand at the individual level. The core values remain the core values. Those don’t vary from person to person. But it is possible to emphasize a particular core value that is relevant to a specific customer, thus meeting their individual needs. Imagine the proposition is ‘excellent service at the most competitive price’. For some, service is far more important than price. With the help of a CRM system, clients can be subdivided according to the core values that are most relevant to them. The core values can be incorporated into a range of contact moments and content types, at different moments and in different phases within the customer journey. This is how a CRM system can aid you in loading your brand; to consistently convey your central message.

Using a CRM system to stay on track

A CRM system also enables you to stay on track. Which services do clients use the most, which products score the best, what questions and complaints are customers reporting, how are prospects receiving you? These are all insights that will help you determine what are really your Unique Selling Points as an organization. Based on these insights, you may find that it’s necessary to adapt your brand proposition, or encounter opportunities for fine-tuning.