When you want to send out a newsletter, you can save a lot of time if there’s a link between your email program and CRM software. And, more importantly, it enables you to perform proper segmentation. Imagine sending a newsletter about product features meant for commercial companies and including non-profits in the recipients. Not ideal. That’s why Archie has the ability to link with MailPlus.

>Manually entering email addresses may sound like something from the Stone Age, but even now there are many companies that perform e-mailings completely separate from CRM. Which is quite a waste! It’s not just time-consuming, but often also highly inefficient.

Sample case: have CRM, but it’s inaccessible

A web editor at a construction company wanted to send out a newsletter to make an important announcement. She had acquired a number of email addresses through the company’s website and some from a colleague, and the financial administration department had submitted a list in Excel format. All of the addresses were entered into the email program, and the mailing was sent out. Afterwards, it turned out that many relations hadn’t received anything. How was that allowed to happen? The various employees didn’t have a good overview of their own contacts’ email addresses, never mind a central way to access all the information. But it turned out that there was a CRM system present within the company. However, it was only accessible to a single employee, out of fear that people would just ‘mess things up’. In this case, the desire to keep the system clean at all costs meant that the benefits and possibilities of the CRM system were not taken advantage of. It in fact made the organization less efficient. Setting up a newsletter proved to be a very time-consuming endeavor for this organization, and yet, not everyone received it. Which in turn led to dissatisfaction among various customers.

The good news: Archie links with MailPlus

Things don’t have to be that way. They can be a lot better. Because Archie does provide a link with email software: MailPlus. In Archie, every employee or department manages their own contacts, which means the data is kept up to date at all times. MailPlus’ service pages enable newsletter subscribers to adjust their own details. Thanks to the link with Archie, such changes are automatically processed within Archie CRM. For the reasons outlined above, and to enable segmentation, you make a new address list in Archie for every newsletter you want to send out. This way, you can always be sure you’ve got an up-to-date set of addresses for your mailing. After the newsletter has been sent out, any resulting cancellations and bounces are automatically processed in the CRM system, so that your newsletter actually contributes to a clean and tidy CRM database. And last but not least: you’re automatically compliant with opt-in/opt-out legislation; once someone is marked as unsubscribed in the CRM system, they won’t receive any more unwanted messages.

CRM: the engine for personal communication

As Mark van den Berg, commercial manager at MailPlus, put it in a previous Archie article: “In a B2B environment, a CRM system is the engine for personal communication; it can do a lot more than simply capture contact details and call reports. Clicks in email-marketing campaigns can likewise be registered in the system via the integration of MailPlus with Archie CRM. A customer’s click behavior may indicate a need. Has the customer just purchased a complicated product and clicked through to general product information about this product? It could be a signal that the customer is looking for more details, which is useful information for the account manager.”