Leads are an important part of any CRM strategy The C not only stands for existing ‘customers’, but of course also for future ‘customers’. In order to cope with natural loss of customers and to grow, lead management is important. This is not just about “bringing in” leads, but also about retaining them: lead nurturing.

As with a CRM stratey, there are a number of things to think about in lead management. Who are you aiming at, for example? Who are the decision-makers when it comes to your product or service? One method of defining your target group is by describing customer profiles in personas. Personas help you to put yourself in the shoes of the various customers you want to target as an organisation. You give your target group a real face, and an identity.

Brainstorm about personas

In a brainstorming session with colleagues, it is easy to determine which personas are interesting for your organisation. Nothing scientific, but a way to see your customer as a human being with a certain interest, spending pattern and information need. You focus on the persona and adjust your activities accordingly: customer centricity; what is it that the customer wants? Marketing automation can also help here. For example, a persona or a CRM provider is Dick, 47 years old, director of a medium-sized company that sells car parts. He loves gadgets and always wants to be the first to have them when ther is something new. He likes to lead the way for his company too. The fact that more and more people are turning off the physical trade and buying online worries him, but also gives him energy to do things differently.

Lead management is part of crm

Lead marketing = nurturing

If you know what the customer wants, you can adjust yor lead marketing accordingly. With what content can you entice this persona to do something on your website? within lead marketing you can use all possible means, as long as they are tailored to that persona. Director Henk is fond of novelties en likes tolead the way with his company. Nevertheless, he is worried about the future. As a CRM provider you can support people like Henk with content that outlines the developments in CRM, how you can use CRM to future-proof your organisation and how it is possible to integrate the latest in CRM systems. As an organisation, you respond to the questions that Henk has, without blatantly telling him that he must buy your product. Henk becomes interested and may download a white paper to learn more about what CRM can do for his organisation. Voilà, the contact is made.

Follow-up and evaluation

Once the person has taken action, it is important to ensure the right follow-up. It is important that you keep track in the CRM and and with the help of KPIs of how much effort the organisation has put in until the moment the customer has taken action. After that, it is again good to know at what point the contact from sales is experienced as unpleasant: too fast, intrusive, too late, too lax. Doing, measuring and adjusting, that is what it is all about to make your leas management more and more effective. Archie CRM can help you with this with the Attention Monitor.