Instagram; updates and new opportunities for CRM

Customer Relationship Management now makes use of a large number of channels. With the latest updates, the social network Instagram presents opportunities for content marketers, companies, and Customer Relationship Management. Instagram is introducing new accounts and profiles which make it easier for companies and organizations to feature themselves and maintain contact with their target audiences.

The arrival of these business accounts also means companies will gain insight into statistics and the Return On Investment of their efforts on social media.

Instagram Stories

In addition to this important update, Instagram is introducing Instagram Stories: stories that will only be visible on the social network for a short period of time. It is a feature we recognize from the popular Snapchat app.

CRM and Instagram


Opportunities for CRM

The introduction of these new features provides opportunities for organizations and content marketers, as well as opportunities in the area of Customer Relationship Management. Instagram Stories represents a more casual way to maintain contact with customers and invites CRM experts and content marketers to publish new content. It’s becoming more appealing for companies to use content now that the statistics provide insight into Return On Investment, and the publication of stories certainly invites a more casual and relaxed approach when it comes to content. It is the combination of these features that could lead to nice surprises and discoveries.

Business profiles

Instagram has begun rolling out their business profiles, but the phased roll-out means it could be a little while before all companies and organizations can really get started with them. But content marketers and CRM specialists can already do some brainstorming about how to take advantage of these new opportunities.