Since bandwith and storage are not a problem nowadays, everything that is of some importance is actually stored. Online storage in the cloud has become commonplace, you sign up for a service like Dropbox or SkyDrive and all the photos and documents on your laptop are neatly synchronised. You don’t have to worry about a backup, should your laptop or smartphone fail, the files are easily retrieved.

Archie CRM

With the Archie CRM software you also have the possibility to link all your documents, photos or any other file to a organisation card. This is convenient because all important information about the custumor can be easily found. Even that one offer you made a month or so ago, which the customer now wants to elaborate on.

If it is a organisation with which there is not much communication, it is quite easy to conjure up the right offer on your screen in a snap. However, if it is a large organisation where the communication flow is more extensive, it becomes more difficult and takes more time to conjure up the right document.

The solution is quite simple and that is to have a powerful search engine that displays the results as you are used to when you type in a query on the internet. This innovative search engine is present in the Archie CRM software and displays the results like a Google, Bing or any other serach engine on the internet.

Innovative CRM search engine

Search in documents

The search is not only performed within Archie CRM but also in all documents, whether it is an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document or a PDF file. The results are displayed in the order that most closely matches the search query.

So that one offer is at the top of the list and when you click on it, the software takes care of entering the file directly. The indexing is so fast that during a telephone call you can still search for the other files containing information that the customer refers to. So you won’t be caught of guard or need to call back because you still need to find the right data.

That is not the only thing that makes Archie CRM an enjoyable software package. The integrated SmartSearch makes digital life a much easier by displaying possible contacts or organisations at lightning speed. Usually, you will find the right contact after typing 2 or 3 letters.

The extensive search options within Arche CRM ensure that you can work efficiently and quickly. No more lengthy searches for files that are in Outlook or on the network but, just like on the internet, quickly finding what you are looking for.