Data in the technology sector

Data helps you make well-founded decisions. This also applies to service technicians. When they know the customer’s query, the nature of the fault, and the machine’s current condition, they’ll be better prepared to provide assistance. So even for technical service providers, CRM can contribute to improved customer experience.

CTB investigated the extent to which organizations in the technology sector make use of data enrichment to optimize the service provided by technicians.

Improving customer experience for technical service providers

Limited access to data on location

Service providers in the construction, technology and offshore sectors were asked whether they collect performance data regarding their machines and installations. 19% didn’t collect any performance data at all, while 53% tracked performance data for roughly 40% of their machines and installations. However, it turns out service technicians often have limited access to this performance data while working on site. They’re restricted to traditional information, such as customer details and historical data, while that performance data is precisely what’s actually relevant to their duties.

Changing customer expectations

Survey participants indicated that they face a number of challenges — the primary (45%) being changing customer expectations, followed by knowledge sharing (38%). Customers expect service providers to have a proactive attitude. Data insight can contribute to this, for example by preventing faults. However, 55% indicated that they do not apply data to this preventive purpose.

First-time fix using data

Sufficient data insight also aids in making the right preparations to be able to resolve a problem. A lack of information is often the cause of the failure of a ‘first-time fix’. Accurate data ensures that technicians bring along the right tools, that they have a sound understanding of the problem, and that the technician with the relevant expertise is sent out to resolve the fault, thus preventing a lot of exasperation.

When using a CRM system, it’s important that all information collected is available to all layers of the organization. Besides sales and marketing departments, this data is just as relevant to financial administration, after-sales and, as CTB’s survey showed, to technical service departments. It helps each department add value for the customer, at every stage of the customer journey.