Using a CRM system can help maintain and improve relationships with customers. How can using CRM help companies even more? Here are a number of ways to use the CRM system for better customer relationships and more success with (online) marketing.

Improving the customer relationship through knowledge of the target group
The CRM system can help organizations to get to know the target group better. It is precisely by linking the CRM software with software for e-mail marketing, for example, that a complete picture of the target group can be sketched.

Social CRM: reaching the target group

The social media landscape is huge. Reaching the customer and the potential customer is therefore not that easy. Social CRM provides insight into the social media channels used by the customer. There is a good chance that the potential customer can also be reached via these channels. The use of a CRM system and social CRM thus improves the use of social media. Certainly in combination with improving the buyer personas that have been drawn up.

Improving the buyer personas

Sketching a clear and accurate picture of the target group also ensures that the buyer personas drawn up can be improved. Buyer personas are used in the world of marketing, among other things, for drawing up campaigns and creating content. Improving the created buyer persona, based on the data from the CRM system, therefore indirectly improves the created content and the marketing campaigns.

How a CRM system helps companies

Improve customer service
Nothing more annoying than calling an organization and having to explain everything to the relevant customer service representative. Customers expect organizations to manage their data in such a way that it is to their advantage. The CRM system stores all data and makes it accessible to the various employees within the organization.

Improving email marketing campaigns

Content is king, but not without relevance. The number of unsubscribes from newsletters ensures that the impact of the campaigns sent decreases again and again. The number of people reached will become less and less without new registrations. Lack of relevance and too high a frequency of the newsletters are often cited as reasons for clicking the “unsubscribe” button. The CRM system helps to improve the buyer personas and provides more knowledge of the target group and the interests and problems of the target group; in this way, the relevance of the email marketing campaigns can be improved. Creating segments based on the data in the CRM system provides more relevance. The email marketing software can answer questions about the ideal frequency for sending the newsletters, the best time to send and the content that generates the most clicks. Google Analytics provides insight into the content on the landing page and how well this content performs. Content that can be created based on the knowledge of the target audience and the improved buyer personas.

Offline marketing

The CRM system offers more insight into the target group and the wishes and needs of the customer. For example, offline marketing can also be improved with the help of a CRM system.