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Good leads, food for the CRM system

by | Nov 11, 2019 | CRM

A CRM system helps you to manage your customers’ details and supports your sales. To benefit fully from the system, you need leads. But how do you find good qualified leads?

What’s a lead?

A lead, or prospect, is a company or person who has an interest in a product or service through a commercial contact moment. This contact can be established in various ways. The important thing, however, is that a prospect leaves their contact details. Without contact details there can be no interaction between sales staff and the lead, and no follow-up is possible. This follow-up is necessary to turn the lead into a new customer.

Lead generation

Both online and offline, there are a range of possibilities for generating qualified leads. We will list a number of them.


On a website, there are plenty of contact moments you can use to generate qualified leads. A subscription to your newsletter, free trial period or quote request are some classics, but there are many more possibilities. By using a live chat on your website, you can convince prospects to pass on their details. And by offering useful information, you can attract the right target group. If you then provide valuable information in the form of, for example, a white paper, a course via email or a handy tool, these people will often be willing to leave their contact details. If you choose this method, a good content strategy is the key to success.

Goede leads, voeding voor het CRM systeem


There are several ways to contact your prospects off the internet. This can be done by post or by phone, but even more rewarding are events, conventions and fairs. That’s where you actually create contact with prospects and give them the chance to get an impression of your company, without having screens in the way. Networking, e.g. at gatherings of entrepreneurs or business clubs, is another important tool for generating leads. There’s always someone in your network who can refer a future customer to you.

Archie’s CRM system has another way of generating qualified

leads. The integration with the Company.Info database of businesses enables you to generate solid prospect profiles based on your own customer data, giving you a good picture of prospects that are a good match for what you have to offer.

Choosing the right channel

These offline possibilities require greater budgets and manpower than what is possible online, the latter of which can often be automated. Still, it’s a good idea not to cut back on this. The two sides of the marketing coin reinforce each other and cannot exist without each other.