Of course it is nice that you can get CRM software for free. It saves an investment and you take your company to the next level because good relationship management, or CRM, is indispensable.

Is free crm free

However, free CRM is so free. If you type in free CRM into Google, you will soon end up with CRM suppliers who offer “free”, only then it is a demo for a limited time or a completely stripped-down version of their software.
Free CRM, is it Free?

Nice to keep track of your contacts, but when you want to create labels or link emails, for example, you have to quickly switch to the paid versions in which these modules are available.

Open Source

Of course there are the open-source variants, Sugar CRM is one of them, which are available for free, but there is usually a hidden price tag attached to them.

The installation and configuration of such an open-source package is reserved for specialists who know their way around web servers and are not unfamiliar with Linux and all its variants. Handy if you have such a specialist in-house, but experience shows that if he has left, you will be left with a package that is difficult to manage.

Patches, updates and maintenance

Furthermore, it is and will remain open-source, so you are dependent on a community that deals with it selflessly and takes care of the fixes, patches and updates. This can lead to delays in problem solving and a lengthy search in specialized forums or discussion groups to find a solution. This can be overcome by working with a specialist who arranges everything for you, only then the “free CRM” idea will soon disappear due to the costs associated with it.

For smaller companies, free is very attractive, but an out-of-the-box solution usually results in a lot less hassle and often turns out to have a better ROI in the long run.