Durable relationship management: use it to your advantage!

In these times of impersonal communication via chat bots, online shopping and refueling at unmanned gas stations, providing personal attention and maintaining long-term relationships has become a unique selling point. Archie CRM was developed for the purpose of maintaining lasting and involved relationships. Do those still exist in a time when everything is increasingly digitized?

CRM, durable relationship management

Bringing in customers and entering into new relationships is important for any organization. After that, what matters most is to actually retain those customers. Various studies claim that recruiting a customer costs five times more than retaining a customer. After all, satisfied customers become loyal customers. And remember that loyal customers can become ambassadors, and are therefore a driving force behind the acquisition of new customers. Not only does it cost less, it also delivers more! But how do you keep your customers satisfied and how do they become ambassadors for your organization?

Quality as a good start

Satisfaction, trust and respect are prerequisites for customer retention. It means that the products or services customers purchase meet their expectations. Customers want to be confident that you have their best interests at heart. So it begins with the quality offered by the organization, both in terms of products and the level of service offered. Wanting to offer the customer the best on all fronts is a philosophy that should be in the DNA of everyone within the organization.

Shared information within the organization

The better you know someone, the better you can help that person. In a CRM tool such as Archie CRM, you can build a very extensive and complete record of your customers. Think of call reports, sales and service information, incoming and outgoing e-mails, all accessible within a single platform. Information that is available to anyone within the organization who gets (or might get) in contact with the customer. Suppose a customer places the same order every year in April. It’s not very useful if only their regular account manager is aware of this. Because when the account manager eventually leaves the organization, you still want to give the customer the same feeling of attention by knowing about everything that’s going on. With the right information, you can anticipate future demands and needs. Naturally, the range of selection options and analysis tools within a CRM system greatly contributes to this.

Easy attention monitoring

Attention is a great thing. Especially if you can find the right balance: not too little, but definitely not too much. A special tool featured in Archie CRM is the Attention Monitor, which maps out the various contact moments and provides insight into their value. Harmen Sikkema from Fortop Automation & Energy Control makes a lot of use of this tool: “With Archie’s Attention Monitor, we map out how much contact there is with which customers. It brings out things that would otherwise remain invisible, such as customers we spend a lot of time on the phone and emailing with, but who provide very little turnover for us. Or, even worse, very major customers with whom we hardly communicate.”

Excellence through tailored attention

By offering quality and making sure that as an organization, you have all the relevant information about your customer to hand, you can offer them tailored attention. This personal attention – these real conversations – doesn’t just yield a lot for the customer. It goes both ways. As an organization, you will learn a lot about how your products and/or services are experienced and where there’s room for improvement. Personal, accessible and, above all, two-way communication ensures that your organization can excel more and more. Durable relationship management: use it to your advantage!