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Gemeente Purmerend (Purmerend Local Authority)

“Archie brings all the information you need into view”

“The business property advisors at the Purmerend local authority are in constant contact with companies. Their great numbers of appointments led us to search for a good, easy-to-use CRM system.

As a local authority, we chose Archie because it brings all the information you need into view with a few simple clicks. This information can be retrieved for management reports, for mailings or during phone calls.

Thanks to the clarity and user-friendliness of the CRM system, customers get answers right away. Instead of being bounced around, they receive immediate assistance. The CRM system is like a godsend for us; the possibilities are endless. Archie has contributed to the further professionalization of our approach within our sales department.”

Marco Hijstee – business property advisor

Gemeente Almelo
gemeente Tilburg