Sharing knowledge and doing business with Archie software

Helping fledgling entrepreneurs get started, advising companies regarding their questions about entrepreneurship and personnel, and stimulating business-to-business. This is what Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis, a partnership between the business community, education, interest groups and the municipality of Zoetermeer, works on. “Without Archie, we wouldn't be able to help entrepreneurs nearly as efficiently,” says policy officer for Economic Affairs Harold Beffers.

Meeting, sharing knowledge and doing business are the pillars of Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis. Beffers and his colleague entrepreneur coach Irma de Graaff are responsible for stimulating small-scale entrepreneurship through a program of (personal) advice, workshops, events and training. “Our work is all about networking, establishing relationships, working together. That simply cannot be done without a good CRM system,” says Beffers.

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In the 90s, he pioneered the replacement of the automated card index at the Economic Affairs department of the Zoetermeer municipality with Archie CRM. This has worked to much satisfaction for many years now. In 2015, Archie and the other parties were invited to offer a municipality-wide system. Beffers: "It didn't surprise me that Archie came out as the winner. This software has a good price-quality ratio. The biggest advantage is that it is very flexible: you can set up the package completely in accordance with your own wishes, without requiring any custom software. In addition to a desktop version, Archie also offers a web version that supports the municipality's current vision of location-independent working. The flexibility Archie offers is unique."
Outwardly behaving as a single organization

He is pleased that the package has been made available throughout the municipality. "There are various departments with which our relations can have contact. In Archie we can record questions and appointments, follow them up, and later find them again. That's very pleasant during contact with an entrepeneur, and it saves both parties time. In this way we can present ourselves as one single organization."
The account managers of the Economy team and the entrepeneur coach of Ter Zake Het Ondernemershuis use Archie extensively.  "We use it to record all contacts we have with entrepeneurs, "says De Graaff. "Periodically, the system is updates with data from the Chamber of Commerce so that the company database is kept up to date. The links with Company.Info and Spotler's email marketing package further contribute to our being able to know relations well and provide them with a tailor-made service. Together with external organizations, and in varying compositions, we organize information evenings for starters, workshops, knowledge sessions and events for entrepeneurs. 
We also facilitate a number of entrepeneurial networks at Ter Zake. With Archie, we can support all these contacts."


"Archie helps us to improve our efficiency."

Easy to use
Before she moved to Zoetermeer on January 1st 2018, De Graaff also worked with CRM software at her previous employer. "That was a less accessible system; you had to click more often to get to the information you were looking for. Archie is very user-friendly and shows a lot of information in a single screen. Harold and I decide for ourselves how we record things in Archie, because the CRM software has to support us in our work. Colleagues with access to Archie can always view the relevant information about the people and organizations they're dealing with."
Users within the municipality use Archie in the way that best supports them. "For us, it's about bringing people and opportunities together. From workshops with interesting entrepeneurial themes to questions about staff mediation. We can rapidly exchange the necessary information with people from the Employers' Service Point for Central South Holland and the UWV, who are also based at Ter Zake," says De Graaff.
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Irma de Graaff: "Without Archie, I simply can't do my job."
Links to Outlook and email marketing package
Besides integration with Outlook, Archie also has links with Company.Info and Spotler, the email marketing package for Ter Zake's digital newsletters. The newsletter is well received, De Graaff knows: "We get few unsubscribes. This means that our communication is relevant and of added value to our target groups. We don't sell anything eather, because our workshops and events are free for the visitor."

"Our work is all about networking, establishing relationships, working together."

There is still some work to be done on the link with Spotler, Beffers states. "We currently can't read Excel files that we receive from third parties in Spotler and deduplicate them with our Archie data if necessary. People must first be in Archie before the email marketing package can do something with them. This is awkward, especially because we work with an external party for email marketing that does not have access to Archie. This is currently cumbersome and could be improved."
"After all, we started working with Archie to increase our efficiency," laughs Beffers. On that front, De Graaff believes they are succeeding. "I can do pretty much anything from within Archie: send and save emails, keep track of my calendar and maintain my to-do list. Without Archie, I simply can't do my job."
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Harold Beffers (left) 
About Ter Zake The Entrepeneur's House of the municipality of Zoetermeer

Terzake Het Ondernemershuis is a collaboration between the organized business community, education, interest groups and the municipality. Ter Zake is the perfect meeting place for entrepeneur, municipal professionals and education and stimulates cooperation for a better economic climate. This is done through free-of-charge mediation of motivated staff, good account management of Economic Affairs, and a program for starting entrepeneurs and small businesses (



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