Intrum Justitia puts optimum contact management into practice

“When we’re chasing up claims it’s not just slow payers we have to deal with – we also have to take action when undesirable situations arise in the service of our clients. All contact we have with customers regarding these issues is recorded in Archie. This system offers us the support we need to handle our prospects and clients’ confidential information securely.” Maarten Pieter Remmen, Commercial Director for Intrum Justitia, explains that the company has over 450 staff and more than 8,000 business contacts in the Netherlands and therefore requires a very structured way of working. “That’s why Archie is the eminently suitable choice of CRM system for us.”

Intrum Justitia is a Swedish company and is registered on the Stockholm stock exchange. It is the only company in the industry to have offices in 22 European countries. In the Netherlands Intrum Justitia offers credit management products and services, from invoicing to collections, for the self-employed through to SMBs and multinationals.
Intrum Justitia team

The sales, CRM, marketing and telemarketing departments all use a single central database powered by Archie’s CRM software. Remmen: “We looked at other competing products when we were tendering, but they were all either inadequate in many aspects of telemarketing or found to be lacking a suitable CRM module for our organization.”

Huge cash flows

Remmen: “We regularly handle huge cash flows. There are some clients for whom we carry out hundreds of thousands of tasks per year. This money has to be transferred to our accounts per day or per week, and there’s a lot that can go wrong with that. It’s even worse if there could be consequences for failing to pay; people may have their power, telephone or Internet services cut off or have their homes repossessed. Our clients therefore make significant demands of our staff, and communication with our customers occurs at all levels of the business, from management to secretaries. In addition to the sales, commerce and CRM departments, we also have a sort of telemarketing department which carries out supplementary CRM tasks, generally handling commercial account management over the phone. The aim of this department is to develop our relationship with the customer and further customize our products to their organization.”

"Archie offers us the support we need to handle our prospects and clients' confidential information securely."

In order to ensure that all client information is stored in a central location, our customer records have been fully computerized. “Every letter sent, every report received, every financial transaction and all e-mail traffic are linked to the appropriate customer chart within Archie. Now we have one central system with which we can link any and all contact with a customer, at any level of the business, to their customer chart. Archie can also be linked to other systems such as Microsoft Office programs.”

Intrum Justitia call centre

“Within our organization the Commerce department consists of two divisions: internal services and telemarketing. There are around 50 staff in total. They keep track of our field staff of 11 people, who operate in the B2B market. It is essential that they can work with a database that is capable of recording each and every appointment,” explains Remmen.

The telemarketing department often makes use of the CRM system’s e-mail features as well, to quickly send digital copies of brochures for instance. “The Internet link has greatly improved the quality of information provision for our field workers as well, which means they can keep our customers better informed without having to check details with the office,” Remmen adds.


Archie has a great number of analysis functions. One of the examples Remmen demonstrates on his PC is how he can keep track of his staff’s activities. For the field workers, for example, he can see at a glance the sales returns in the pipeline for each sales rep. Remmen: “If I notice that our key account managers are soon likely to bring in four projects with multiple high-value orders, then as a manager I can anticipate the number of extra staff required in the call-center. I can also see the largest outstanding amounts on the prospect level, the percentage chance of an order being placed and which prospects still need to be called back. Without a system like this you’d never have such a comprehensive status overview at a glance, which makes it a lot harder to manage a group of sales reps. We now know exactly what’s been sold in a particular month.

"Without a system like Archie, it's impossible to get an instant overview of the current status, which makes it a lot harder to manage a group of sellers."

We also use an overview that shows us the value of orders we’ve won from or lost to the competition. The field workers can also indicate why they have won or lost an order. If my sales strategy involves a high price in a particular segment of the B2B market, then I can expect a rep to lose a deal based on that price. But if I’ve got customers cancelling their contracts for that reason, it’s time for a reappraisal of the facts. By linking the past to the present you can create interesting comparisons and analyses for each segment of the market.”

Intrum Justitia Archie CRM

Remmen explains further: “I can generate analyses using SIC codes (Standard Industry Classification). This would allow me to see, for example, that we seem to be making a lot of appointments with roofers but hardly any of them are becoming our customers. The longer we work with this system, the better our insight into the target groups which most interest us, as we are able to measure the results of our activities more effectively. Sales returns information from our production system and financial data from our finance package are also fed into Archie, which would allow an account manager to see to come to the conclusion that a customer is behind on their payments.

"Archie helps us to gain new customers and keep existing ones."

When measuring the effectiveness of our marketing goals, for example, we can draw a comparison between our web advertising budget and the extra sales returns this has brought us, so we can adjust our budget if necessary. It’s useful to have staff from the production team and the back office using this system as well; if, for example, one of them should discover that a client has acquired another company, they can quickly send an e-mail to their colleagues in the CRM department, who will attempt to capitalize on this new knowledge to expand on our relationship with the customer.” Remmen concludes:  “Archie helps us to gain new customers and keep existing ones.”

About Intrum Justitia

The Intrum Justitia Group provides credit management services and has an annual turnover of €314 million with over 2900 staff in 22 countries. The group offers valuable and innovative solutions for recovering claims against consumers and businesses to more than 90,000 clients. The company uses Archie throughout its entire organization, in particular the SMB, where it is used to serve the needs of over 8,000 business contacts. For more information, please visit:


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