CultuurWerkt! improves the professionalism of their customer relationship management

CultuurWerkt! makes cultural events, such as concerts, plays and films, attractive to companies and their employees by offering subscribers a discount. The task of the Marketing and Sales department at CultuurWerkt! is to achieve an optimal balance between supply and demand. To do this they use Archie.

Some people learn at an early age what great fun it is going to the theatre but others have never been to the theatre during their youth and feel there is almost a barrier. CultuurWerkt! tries to lower this barrier by making going to the theatre or concert appealing to a broad target audience by means of a company subscription. In this way employees gain a financial advantage when they buy tickets to events but just as important as the discounts is the fact that colleagues encourage each other to attend events together. Most importantly family and friends benefit as employees are allowed to book a maximum of eight tickets for each performance. Over a year subscribers can get discounts on approximately 750 performances in a vast variety of categories: from a piano concert to the Zwarte Cross (music and motocross festival); from classic ballet to the Herman Renz Circus and the Rijksmuseum to cabaret.

CultuurWerkt, Cultural Subscriptions for Companies
Matching supply with demand

As Sales Manager Barry Jager is responsible for the sale of subscriptions and his colleague, Ilka Schreurs, as Marketing Manager is mainly involved in taking care of the entertainment on offer. They work together in close cooperation. “The success of CultuurWerkt! is based around the excellent balance between supply and demand. We take full account of the geographical distribution of the companies that are subscribers and with the type of employees they have. A logistics company or construction company will employ mostly men, a call center will have mainly women. These two groups will like different things and we tailor our program of events to match these”, says Ilka Schreurs.

It was over three years ago that Barry Jager took the initiative to go in search of an alternative to Filemaker Pro, which the company was using at that point in time. “With that system we could use it for the basic name and address details and invoicing data, customer relationship management was done in Outlook”, he recounts. Barry Jager had already had experience of CRM at previous companies and knew what gains could be achieved from a more professional management of customer relations. After an intensive selection process the decision was made to go with Archie. “The software is user friendly and it is a reliable company”, is how Barry Jager sums it up. Ilka Schreurs adds: “What I think is important is that you can mould Archie to your own way of working. With many other types of CRM software you simply have to fit in with the choices made by the software designer. Archie offers the freedom to use your own processes”.

"One thing that's very important for me is that you can shape Archie according to your own particular way of working."

CultuurWerkt! makes quite heavy demands on the software with regards to functionality. Barry Jager: “We are of course only a small company but we have three different target groups we service: the companies that take out subscriptions, the employees who make use of the discounts, and the cultural event providers who wish to sell their tickets in this way. What is unusual about our organisation is that we need to bring the desires of these three parties together. We do not sell a ready to go product but need to continual adjust to the desires of the end customer. Most software packages that support this type of process do so very poorly. With Archie everything is transparent and due to this you are able to spot connections more quickly.”


CultuurWerkt! has gained advantages on many fronts from Archie. Barry Jager: “In the first place I have a far greater insight throughout the whole process. We have split our sales process into three stages. I am now able to see precisely which prospect is at what stage. With an existing customer we can see when a contract is due for renewal and we can take the necessary action in plenty of time. We are also able to pass back information to customers concerning the use their employees are making of the subscription. Most importantly Archie ensures that the whole process is far more relaxed: you do not have to keep track of who you need to phone back, you automatically get a reminder flagged up. This makes it far easier to transfer work, should a colleague be off sick or on vacation.” Sales information can be more quickly and simply passed on to Marketing, for example the print numbers of the bi-annual magazine in which the offers appear or addresses for a DM promotion.

The Marketing department has also gained time savings from Archie, particularly with regard to drawing up address selections. No less important according to Ilka Schreurs is the improved overview of the cultural event providers: “We have been able to identify and highlight those links to cultural event providers who previously were not so noticeable on our radar. Previously we acted out of habit and this often meant we always ended up with our regular cultural event providers. We are now also noticing other, often smaller cultural event providers which we had not previously worked with. By having this greater insight we are now able to provide an even better match between supply and demand”.

"Our insight into the effectiveness of the various marketing tools has improved."

The marketing promotions are managed in the projects module. For the major performances such as Mary Poppins there will be a variety of opportunities to communicate, for example an article in the magazine, a DM promotion and a competition where people can win free tickets. Whereas previously CultuurWerkt! kept the responses in Excel, this is all now held in Archie. “Our insight regarding the effectiveness of the various marketing tools has been vastly improved by this”, so says Ilka Schreurs. However she still has some items on her wish list: “for example I would like to have a calculation function in Archie. I would also find it handy if there was a map which showed the local branches of the client companies with a red marker and then another colored marker to show where the events are going to take place. You could then immediately see if the geographical distribution is right”.

CultuurWerkt Office - Archie CRM
More professional

The efficiency of both the marketing and the sales staff has been markedly improved and the insight provided has also improved. But the most important advantage according to Barry Jager is that CultuurWerkt! now comes across to its customers as being far more professional. “We are able to further improve our connection with our business partners as we are able to tell the companies about how much use their employees are making of the subscription package. We are also better positioned to follow up on their requirements. For example if they are looking for some input for their staff magazine we can immediately implement a promotion through our Marketing department by using Archie, instead of scribbling on a post-it note that then gets lost in a pile of papers. Management of our customer relations has really been boosted to another level by this”.

About CultuurWerkt!

CultuurWerkt! is an initiative of the Stichting Stimulering Kunst & Cultuur (Promotion of Art and Culture Foundation). Their mission is the promotion and the experiencing of art and culture within business life by working alongside cultural event providers and companies. CultuurWerkt! offers a platform that on the one hand informs and provides benefits and exclusive extras to the employees of compaies and on thet other hand provides cultural event providers with a new source of potential event goers. Anually CultuurWerkt! makes a cornucopia of cultural events accessible to subscribers and their families including discounted tickets to approximately 750 musicals, films, concerts, plays, cabaret, festivals, dance events, shows family orientated productions, museums and much more. For more information please go to


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