Transparency and streamlined processes

VTH is a supplier of products you find in restrooms: from toilet paper and towel dispensers to soap dispensers and air fresheners. For both its office and field staff, Archie leads the way. “Archie ensures transparency and streamlined processes,” says Sales manager Peggy Huijbregts.

For a long time, VTH handled all of its commercial administration in Word, Excel and Outlook. As a result, detailed insight into commercial processes was lacking. Director Hans Krijger, responsible for service provision and process optimization, had the feeling that there was room for significant improvement. “We want to put the focus on providing excellent service. That means you need to understand your customers intimately. And you can't do that if your customer information is fragmented,” he says.

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VTH had just completed its implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This software has a CRM suite, but too many custom modifications were needed to make it suitable. “And if there's one thing we've had enough of, it's custom modifications,” says Bart van Erk, ICT and facility manager at VTH.
Flexible and easy to use

There were plenty of reasons to look for another CRM suite. VTH approached several suppliers, composed a shortlist, and based on some demos, they chose Archie. Krijger: “The software can be deployed very flexibly. In addition, Archie is very user-friendly and easy to link with other pieces of software.”

Initially, Archie was just used to automate VTH's sales process. Huijbregts: “We wanted to keep changes to our working practices to a minimum, and happily we were able to. We work a lot with templates, which can be developed entirely according to your own ideas. Our field staff are closely involved, since they use Archie most intensively. Our starting point has always been that Archie should provide them with optimal support and reduce their administrative burden.”

Thanks to a limited initial phase, the implementation was completed in just three months. Collaboration with Archie went very smoothly throughout that time, Van Erk says. “We each stuck with the agreements and planning all the way. Really, the entire process went flawlessly. Whenever the danger of ending up in an endless internal discussion about how to organize something loomed, Archie's project manager knew perfectly how to force a decision. He also had a good deal of input to offer. Thus we were able to digitize all of our existing processes within the standard, without requiring any custom modifications. That’s quite something.”

"If it's not in Archie, it didn't happen."

All customer information in a single place

The greatest advantage of the new situation is that all information about customers can be found in a single central location. Huijbregts: “Our philosophy is now: If it's not in Archie, it didn't happen. This has made work a lot easier for both the office and field staff. There's no more emailing documents back and forth or having to search for information.”

Krijger is especially pleased that the sales process is now standardized and fully transparent. “We see how much energy we put into a particular customer and what eventually comes of it. This allows us to manage our pipeline much more efficiently and focus on the best customers rather than the ones who call in the most often.”

"Archie supports us in providing excellent service."

Does that mean absolutely everything went without a hitch? “Of course not,” says Krijger. “Transparency is also scary, because all of a sudden it becomes clear exactly what everyone is doing in a day and what the return on those actions is. Fortunately, we were able to make it clear that we only use this information to coach employees, not to monitor them. Another thing to get used to is that we are now working in a uniform and very structured way. For people who love structure this is a blessing, but for those who are naturally a little more chaotic it takes some getting used to the fact that they now have to record everything.”

"We maintain the standard without having to change any of our processes."

Currently, almost 70 people work with Archie: office sales staff, field staff and service staff. The number of processes that we automate with Archie is still growing. Huijbregts: “We started small and slowly added more and more to it, from new reports to entirely new processes that we are now automating with Archie, such as debtor management. We are far from finished. In everything we do, we ask ourselves: Can we make this process more efficient or more effective? Can we further improve our service to customers by automating this or that with Archie? We can implement most of these ideas ourselves. And sometimes we ask Archie for advice. Then they provide the help needed, without sending you a bill.”

Krijger determines: “Archie understands us very well; our two companies have a perfect fit. Perhaps that's because we are both committed to providing excellent service.”

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Bart van Erk & Hans Krijger (right)
About Vendor

VTH makes the difference when it comes to public restroom visits. The company's goal is to make every restroom visit a comfortable moment and offer a pleasing experience. To this end, the 200-employee-strong company develops and produces the total package of restroom products, which are provided in more than 30 countries. For more information, please visit


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