CRM software is worth $ 26.3 billion
The market for CRM software continues to grow. This is evident from the annual Gartner survey. Globally, the CRM software market reached $ 26.3 billion in 2015, 12.3% more than the year before. Although the absolute amount of turnover is higher (23.3 billion in 2014), the growth rate has decreased. In 2014 that was 13.3%.Acquisitions and mergers ensure that a select group of CRM software providers serve almost half of the market. It is striking that Salesforce continues to gain ground. Where Salesforce remains at the top and manages to achieve more sales and market share, SAP and Oracle are losing something.

Adobe new in top 5

New in the top 5 is Adobe, with which it has sent IBM, which was still in fifth place last year, to the “others” category. Microsoft and Adobe, just like Salesforce, know how to increase their turnover and market share. But even then Microsoft is at 22% and Adobe at 18% of Salesforce’s revenue. Salesforce has a market share of 19.7%. For climbers Microsoft and Adobe this is 4.3% and 3.6% respectively. Juice lost almost 3% and now has a 10.2% market share. Oracle lost 1.3% and serves 7.8% of the market.