CRM software from Archie: contacts and possibilities

Archie CRM enables you to construct a network of relations that can be easily used to map out interconnections between people, organizations, and projects. The result is greater insight into things like possibilities for cooperation, which allows you to actively approach people and companies in a targeted way.

A single contact person only appears once in the relation database, and may have multiple roles or functions or be connected to multiple companies. You’ll know instantly who you’re talking to, and which role he or she is fulfilling in that moment.

Linking contact persons

Archie CRM makes it possible, for example, to link a contact to multiple companies. It may well be that someone is the CEO of one company and on the board of directors of another.
Another example where this comes in handy is when someone has two part-time jobs, or is connected to multiple companies as a freelancer.

Social media, email, and mobile

Not only can contact persons be linked to multiple companies, each contact can be linked to an entire mobile and social-media profile. From a Skype address to a LinkedIn profile link or multiple email addresses and phone numbers. For each email address, you can decide things like whether it should be sent newsletters, or that this contact should only receive price lists.

Correspondence and contracts history

This is just the beginning, because each contact person can be linked to, e.g., conversation notes, correspondence, emails, and projects. This gives you a good overview of the contact, and thanks to the available information, you can make the right decisions when it comes to customer management.

Extra fields

Archie CRM provides the ability to create additional fields, not only for organizations but also specifically for contact persons. This allows standard details to be added quickly, for example by account managers who have just visited with the customer and are updating the organization’s data on their tablet.
These additional fields enable in-depth segmentation or differentiation between different contact persons, to ensure that the right people get the right information.
Additional fields can be created at your own discretion in Archie’s CRM software.

Mutual relationships

Not only is the option of linking contact persons to multiple companies a very useful feature, the ability to provide insight into mutual relationships between contacts is a standard feature of the software. This allows you to effectively deploy your own network for the creation of new business.
For example, you will not only see that Ms. Davis works at company A, but that Mr. Graham of company B is an acquaintance of hers, or that they used to work together at company C.

Extensive communication might take place with specific contacts within an organization. Not just by phone or email, which are directly linked to the appropriate contact person, but also through documents, spreadsheets, floor plans, or PDFs. All of these digital files can be linked to the relevant contact. This will help you avoid losing files and prevent the need for a big quest to retrieve the information from the network, email system, or one’s own computer.
Are you looking for that one quote or price list? No problem. Archie CRM’s Smart Search not only searches the database but also all linked files.

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