The first part of the “Archie CRM: contacts and possibilities” series highlighted several highly important benefits, including linking options, simplicity, and overview. In the second part, we’ll focus on the opportunities that exist within the software for managing contacts, and mention several features that were inspired by our clients.

Contact person no longer employed

When a contact retires or changes jobs, that person often leaves behind a lot of information in the form of proposals, history, and emails. Removing the contact would mean losing that information. Thanks to the option of marking contacts as “no longer employed”, everything stays intact, and their successor can easily get settled in because all the relevant information can be quickly retrieved. Should this person later turn up elsewhere, then he or she can easily be linked again.

Screenshot tool

Within the software, you can simply link a photo to a contact with the aid of the Screenshot Tool. A photo with a contact is just that little bit extra; you’ll be able to put a face to the voice you’re speaking with on the phone. This handy graphical tool allows you to quickly “grab” a photo, e.g. from a social network, which is then linked directly to the relevant contact. Useful, for example, when you’re preparing a first meeting, and pleasant for office staff to put a face to the voice.

Contact color-coding

With color codes, which appear as dots next to contacts, it is possible to indicate things like their degree of importance to your business. Is it someone at the management level who you’re always in touch with, or someone with whom you only communicate indirectly?

Contact profile

One of the tabs you’ll see after clicking a contact person is their profile. This contains all relevant information concerning the contact. How many attributes is this person linked to, what’s their title and appropriate salutation, formal or informal? How many organizations is this contact linked to, and how many connections does this lady or gentleman have?

Title codes

Title codes have proven to be a relief for many of our clients. These codes determine the appropriate salutation in emails or correspondence. Within Archie CRM, you can take care of this with a single code. The software detects whether a formal or informal approach is being used, and if it goes with a title, like MBA, this will automatically be appended to the name.

We got a fine description via email in response to the question of how Archie CRM is used when it comes to contacts:

I think the fact that every contact person is unique in our database is a good property. Wherever you’re viewing this person, you possess all the information that has been gathered about him/her in various places, such as history, correspondence, e-mailings, campaigns, project participation et cetera. This means that no matter where you encounter this person, you’re presented with a full picture of his/her background. This picture is not limited to their position with that one organization from which you’ve reached their contact information. But the linked address labels remain location-bound, meaning that correspondence is always sent to the right place. For example, invitations to their home address, meeting documents to their work address, annual reports to the company where the contact occupies an advisory role, etc. This applies to both mail and email.

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