The selection criteria for a good CRM system

In order to make a good choice of a CRM package, there are a number of selection criteria that you should at least include in the choice. Marcel Nannings gives an overview which they are in this article.

Display and analysis

Views and analyses is an important one. Within Archie, an analysis is possible on almost all data in the database and can be displayed graphically in multiple ways. A dashboard is standard available which allows you to see the status of the orders at a glance.

Mobile accessibility

The mobile version of Archie’s CRM software is purpose-built to make the most of the graphics capabilities of an iPad, Android or other tablet. For the smartphones, a separate mobile version is available that quickly shows the relevant information.

CRM Selection Criteria

Integration with Social Media

Within Archie CRM, the data of the contacts or companies present can be matched to various social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook. As a result, the most up-to-date data of the organization is always available.

With GeoMaps, Archie CRM has an extensive tool that makes it possible to link calendar appointments or activities to a geographic environment. For the planning department a solution because it immediately becomes clear who is where at what time.

Email client integration

Archie’s CRM software has an extensive link to Outlook. Not only can the mail be stored via Outlook behind the organization in Archie, for example, outlook can also add contacts that are stored in archie’s database. The e-mail is then directly linked to this.

Not only is there a link to the email, the activities are also exchanged with Exchange. Organizations from Archie can be linked to these activities in Outlook.

User convenience

Archie CRM is designed by taking customer input seriously. A clear organization screen with a helicopter view is the result. Quick access to the data and, also important, not multiple screens on top of each other to get to the right information.

If you would like to know more about Archie CRM, you can always contact our sales department by e-mail or by telephone: 0299-411800.