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What is CRM and what types of CRM are there?

Wat is CRM en welke soorten zijn er
What is CRM? And what types of CRM are there? An overview of what Customer Relationship Management actually is about and what it offers you.

Account Based Marketing: a new interpretation of the AIDA

Account Based Marketing: a new interpretation of the AIDA
Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a relatively new B2B marketing and sales technique that supports the buyer journey in a targeted way.

Collecting customer data in 4 steps

Collecting customer data
Collecting customer data and Account Based Marketing go hand in hand. In 4 steps it becomes clear how the process works.


CRM voor kleinere bedrijven, het MKB
CRM is not only suitable for large companies but also for small businesses, CRM for SME, as it is about relationship management and customer focus.

ERP is not CRM

ERP is not CRM
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a useful system, but it's not CRM. Companies do need a CRM system along side.

Shape customer intimacy

customer intimacy
Internal communication is part of customer intimacy. With the use of CRM, you create structure and give employees autonomy.

Collaborate online in sales

online sales
Online sales and account management need not be an obstacle for organizations. In fact, with a good CRM system, it's powerful.

Remote customer loyalty: three tips

thuiswerken met crm
Working from home does not have to be a problem to increase customer loyalty. This is possible with the right CRM software.

CRM: a matter of having the right mindset

CRM, de juiste mindset
The right mindset in a CRM implementation is one of the success factors for the success of implementation. The importance of transparency must be clear