ecause customer experiences should be increasingly central, customer focus concerns the entire organization and therefore everyone in the organization adds value for the customer, the CRM system is also increasingly central.

It cannot be said often enough: CRM is not just a tool, it is a way of working. Or even better: a mindset, a philosophy. An organization that puts the customer completely at the center could call itself a CRM organization. Recent developments are increasingly contributing to this.

Era of the consumer

It is the age of the consumer. The era of the seller is far behind us. If you, as an organization, still want to market your services and products, you will not only have to know that consumer well, but above all understand it. Customer Relationship Management is more than ever about knowing and understanding your (potential) customers. Sales and marketing work closely together to clarify this picture; back and forth.

Social selling

Besides being the age of the consumer, we live socially online. Social selling is something that every organization should at least know and should actually be doing. Old-fashioned methods, such as telephone acquisition, work less and less. They require more and more time to be able to achieve the same results from the past. Make sure you are where your customers are. Social selling could just as well be called soft selling. It is mainly about facilitating: with the right information and answering questions.

Sales & technique

In order to understand customers and effectively conduct social selling, today’s sales manager is no longer a “talker” (in exaggeration!), He has knowledge of various fields and technical applications. After all, the same technique helps him identify prospects, generate leads, close deals, manage relationships and provide service. This technique turns prospects into ambassadors.

CRM system is the basis

Current developments are increasingly making the CRM system the foundation of the organization. From the CRM the entire organization works on the most ideal customer experience. The link with marketing automation provides insights for lead generation and marketing efforts. The CRM provides unambiguous and segmented quotations and mailings. You can make personalized information and offers with CRM software. Invoicing, order history and customer service are linked where possible. In short, everything that has to do with that one customer is transparent from a single point. This not only ensures more satisfied customers, it contributes to business efficiency and ensures that as an organization you can do much better forecasting. After all, what is linked can be more easily analyzed in relation to each other.