What can you do with CRM software?

Relationship management is the collection of the data about customers, prospects, suppliers and other companies and individuals that are important to an organization. Customer Relationship Management is the efficient use of this data.

Relationship data

The relationship database is a treasure chest of information from which to increase turnover and make more profit. Management gains insight into turnover and current affairs via dashboards so that quick and adequate action can be taken if the situation demands it. The marketing department analyses the behaviour of customers and ensures targeted expressions towards new turnover and the customer service department keeps customers happy by quickly entering relevant data. CRM is quickly deeply intertwined within an organization.

CRM Policy

Software alone won’t get you there. The CRM policy has to run like a thread through the processes otherwise the “golden” database is quickly a glorified telephone clapper. But what do you actually notice as a company in the practice of CRM?

CRM as a means


Access relevant data anywhere, anytime. With a laptop, at a home office or on the train on a smartphone or tablet via an app, you can always work with the most up-to-date data. More than an internet connection and a web browser are not required, so BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, is no problem within the company.


A link to the website so that the data entered by customers or orders made are stored centrally. Analyses on this data provide a better customer insight so that, where necessary, adjustments can be made on the website to achieve an even better ROI. Communication with the interested website visitor is then done via the CRM Software.


Email is far from dead although opinions are divided on that. Figures, however, show otherwise. By linking to an email package like Outlook, the mail traffic has suddenly become easy to understand. Information can be found quickly if time demands it.


The calendar link ensures that the necessary overview appears with a simple finger movement on, for example, a tablet. Targeted appointments because the appointments of, for example, representatives can be scheduled logistically via the software. No longer from Groningen to Maastricht in one day, but efficiently geographically determined.


Procedures, correspondence, building drawings, quotations or visual materials. A hard drive is quickly filled with all the files that are circulating within a company. Finding the right information is usually a time-consuming activity. This process already becomes a lot easier and takes less time if the documents are linked to the right organization. It will be even better if these documents, regardless of the format, can be searched and the search results appear in the image at the famous touch of a button. Time is still money.


Customers need attention, not only during times of economic downturn but also when the seven fat years are upon us again. Satisfied customers generate revenue and remain loyal. Quickly conjuring up an overview of contact moments and attention that has or has not been given is one of the many possibilities that Archie’s CRM software offers. From this monitor, quick intervention can be taken before an escalation in customer relationship occurs.

CRM in practice, the possibilities

These are just a few options of good CRM, the possibilities are infinite nowadays. A laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet, together with the CRM software, is the gateway to efficient and targeted working.

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