The term Customer Relationship Management (and then more specifically: the system) could also be taken less literally, because suppliers also deserve a place in the system.

Relationship management

Managing customer relations with the help of a CRM system is logical, but suppliers also deserve a place in this software. Especially larger companies, which regularly work with several different suppliers, can get more out of the CRM system.

Which supplier?

How often do colleagues have to ask each other which supplier is best to call in situation X and which supplier has the best prices for situation Y? The answer is: very often. This, of course, works fine when all colleagues have a good memory, work 40 hours a week and do that at exactly the same location as well. It becomes a different story when different colleagues do not all work at the same location. Moreover, a lot of knowledge is lost when an employee finds another job and takes valuable knowledge with him. The Customer Relationship Management system offers a solution.

CRM, for suppliers too


Suppliers also deserve a place in the system. This not only allows all available information and correspondence to be stored in a central location, but also ensures that knowledge is not lost when employees leave. Suppliers who have failed to honour agreements made in the past, suppliers who provide a very good service and other details: it can all be stored in the CRM database. Notes and annotations provide space for comments about the supplier and previous experiences with this supplier. New colleagues can also immediately see which supplier they will no longer work with because of a previous bad experience. Useful to prevent sudden new cooperation with a supplier because a (new) colleague is unaware of previous problems.


The CRM software has various links, so that e-mails are also saved automatically. Useful, for example, for quickly looking up a previous budget of a certain supplier.


Searching the CRM system makes all information quickly and easily available to all colleagues involved. Using a CRM system to manage supplier relations can also prevent a lot of frustration.