CRM for Economic Affairs departments

” Local authorities depend on information systems which operate with varying degrees of success and independently of each other. Naturally, our aim is to improve that. 

Local authorities’ Economic Affairs departments, and account managers in particular, have many “customer” contact moments, especially with entrepreneurs. That means a well-functioning system is of great importance. A system that, above all, should not be too complicated.

That’s why we got talking with the departments and with Archie.
Archie has provided
various local authorities, ranging from small to large, with Economic Affairs-focused CRM software.”

Herman Timmermans – Chief Executive Officer, CLOK


A single 360°picture

Multiple departments are in contact with one and the same entrepreneur. When that information is recorded in different places, you never get insight into all the data. This allows you to be more efficient and business-oriented in dealing with them. With Archie, you create a 360° view of every entrepreneur in your locality. This allows you to be more efficient and business-oriented in dealing with them.

Insight into relationship networks 

Entrepeneurs have a lot op contact with each other. They may be active in the same industry, be part of the same business association or be housed in the same premises. By providing insight into these relationship networks and the role that someone has in such a network, you can respond much better to the entrepeneurs’ needs. 

Draw insights from data

You often hear: data is the new oil. The new fuel for processes. Archie contains many pre-programmed dashboards with guiding information. You can also develop your own department-oriented and individually focused dashboards, which allow you to instantly see if you and your department are on track to meet your goals

Always up to date

You can easily link Archie with other software via an API, for example the Company.Info database of company details. This way your database is kept up to date completely automatically. A change of address or change in board composition is immediately visible. You can also use an API to link Archie to your own internal systems, such as email marketing software.  

Benefits for users include: 
proactive approach to entrepeneurs, central access to data, easy collaboration, recording interconnections, available on PC, tablet and smarthphone.

Working proactively

You can wait until a company calls you with a question, but you can also proactively analyze the entrepreneurial information you record in Archie. So you know which companies have a need for certain information or services, for example if they need larger premises, or an introductory meeting because there has been a change in management.

Targeted communication

Want to inform the hospitality industry about a change in permit policy? Select the addresses for your e-mailing with the push of a button. Organizing a meeting or webinar about a specific theme? Invite the right people in no time. Targeted communication with a tailored message has never been easier.

Information in reach no matter where you are

Archie offers a very user-friendly mobile app. Easily scroll through data and menus; swipe to view underlying details. No need to type up a visit report; simply dictate it. Whether you’re an account manager or permit enforcer, the app will keep you updated while you’re on the road and ensure you make a well-informed impression.

Easy for IT staff

Archie is easy to administer. Regardless of whether you use our secure cloud environment (ISO27001- and NEN7501-certified data center) or an on-premise installation. Our software has a security assessment certificate (passed penetration/hacking testing). Archie offers easy integration with other parties, e.g. via APIs.