Technologies that collect data about customer relationships and social-media interactions and facilitate storage of that data provide the best engagement among stakeholders,from the entertainment and media industry report in a recent survey by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Technology is changing rapidly, and the various communication channels and consumer habits are changing with it.

Technology provides opportunities

For CEOs, adapting in order to meet consumers’ expectations is an ever greater challenge. At the same time, CEOs (61%) see that technological progress is affording them — their organizations — more opportunities for growth than it did three years ago. 89% of them also report that changes in technology have a major impact on the expectations of their stakeholders. Consequently, they anticipate that the way in which they use technology will see drastic changes in the coming years.

CRM generates stakeholder engagement

PwC asked the CEOs which technologies generate the best stakeholder engagement. For 80%, the answer was; CRM systems came in at second place with 65% of the votes, followed by R&D innovation with 53%, and for 50% of the respondents, interaction and engagement via social-media channels was the answer.

Integrating tools

Research carried out by Skyword and Researchscape has shown that most organizations deploy comparable technology. For instance, 37% reported using CRM technology. Analytics tools and social media scored higher, at 47% and 46%, respectively. The power of Archie CRM is that it facilitates a combination of the most commonly used technologies with analytics and marketing automation, tracking interactions on social media, enriches the CRM system and means an organization can offer personalized, relevant content.