Satisfied customers yield more than positive results in the following customer satisfaction survey.

1. Existing customers cost less than new customers

Acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing ones. It’s just that simple. And satisfied customers also make a positive contribution to the acquisition of new customers; It is not without reason that satisfied and loyal customers are also referred to as (brand) ambassadors. In principle, satisfied customers provide double cost savings – in short: a win-win situation.

2. Satisfaction = loyalty

Satisfied customers have no reason to turn their backs on the organization and its products. Loyalty cannot be created without satisfaction. After all, it is this customer satisfaction that ensures that existing customers become ambassadors. Nobody will recommend an organization and / or its products to friends, family and business relations if they are not completely satisfied with the products and services provided. Even if people are not satisfied with the organization, these existing customers will not become ambassadors. After all, the risk of recommending something to someone in your own network that might turn out to be a disappointment is too great to take.

3. Competition is not competition

It is difficult for a competitor to take over satisfied customers; After all, changing products and service providers entails a risk. In many cases, competition on price is also not a major risk at all when the organization has satisfied customers. Loyal customers are willing to pay for the product and / or service and now know the (added) value of the products and services provided. However, dissatisfaction in combination with a good and cheaper offer from the competitor is a risk. The importance of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Care is once again underlined.

4. Satisfied customers. Satisfied employees.

It is a connection that not everyone will immediately see, but satisfied customers also ensure more satisfaction among our own employees. Don’t forget that your own employees are also present on social media! Negative messages about the organization and updates from dissatisfied customers can affect the image of the organization and the motivation.

5. Cross selling and upselling

Selling additional products and services to a dissatisfied customer is a mission impossible. After all, upgrading a product and selling additional products is not the solution to the problem and the willingness to buy will have reached freezing point. Satisfied customers, however, are open to cross selling and upselling; the organization and its products and / or services are highly regarded and based on these previous experiences it is only a small step to spend extra money. Customer satisfaction creates confidence in the organization.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful tool that can be used to build, manage and improve the relationship with the customer. Customer Relationship Management in combination with e-mail marketing is a powerful tool that can make a positive contribution to cross selling and upselling. Either way, building and maintaining a relationship with the customer is the number one priority. As the above makes clear: investing in the relationship with the customer yields profit for the organization. Not only in the form of cost savings on acquisition, but also in the form of satisfaction and a sense of pride among our own employees and brand ambassadors and opportunities for cross selling and upselling.