The difference between CRM and relationship management

Every so often, the question comes up via our website or the sales department to what exactly the difference is between relationship management and CRM. Actually not so much, relationship management is often seen as the Dutch term for CRM, Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a strategy that needs to be widely supported. The software is a tool to achieve a good CRM experience, it is relationship management in the most comprehensive form. On the other hand, there is a digital Rolodex in which all addresses and contact information of relationships is located, the most basic form of relationship management.


You can use Outlook or another program to store the data, and with any luck, you can export the address to Word where you can type a letter. After that, it kind of stops. The letter should be stored as a document in a folder on your hard drive with the customer’s name. Before you know it, you’ll have a cluttered set of letters, emails, and other important documents roaming your hard drive. Usually in different versions so it’s difficult to find the right document.

CRM and relationship management

This is one of the things where CRM, or comprehensive relationship management, comes in. Everything that has to do with the organization is neatly stored together and easy to find again. Whether it’s phone notes, the quote sent six months ago or the Powerpoint presentation that was last used in a sales demo.

Growth information

By the way, you won’t be there by saving information. The amount of information is growing exponentially, for example, just take the email. An important part of CRM is the ability to access the information via analytics, selections or a comprehensive search engine that manages to turn the search into relevant information.