A love-hate relationship?

CRM is something that concerns the entire organization. That is why integration between different departments is of great importance. Especially now that technology is playing an increasingly prominent role and is, as it were, the missing link between departments and customers. Yet there is often still a “glass wall” between it and other departments.

It seems so logical, but it still often happens that technology does not maintain close ties with marketing, sales or other departments. A pity, because this could really boost marketing results and customer satisfaction – and with that, the business results.

Research by Robert Half Technology shows that marketing managers want to, but IT managers are not quite that far yet. Budgetary reasons also play a role and some departments still have to figure out how they should give substance to the cooperation with IT.

Collaboration from the start

A CRM strategy is supported with CRM software that contributes to the realization of the objectives. Software is something that IT focuses on, strategy lies with the MT and implementing customer focus usually lies with marketing & sales. Nevertheless, a CRM process will require collaboration from the orientation phase. For example, to test the wishes of marketing & sales against the possibilities of the CRM package and the IT network of the organization. A link with the invoicing system is also often desirable, if you want customer service for the system, the assembly department, the planner, et cetera. IT plays the connecting link in all of this.

Privacy also matters for IT

The privacy of data in the CRM system is also a matter for IT. Marketing people want to be able to draw up customer profiles as well as possible. To achieve this, links are preferably made with various systems, such as marketing automation or the Chamber of Commerce database. Who is responsible for safeguarding privacy? How secure are the systems? And what if the CRM system can be accessed from home or via mobile? Here, too, a joint approach will provide clarity and contribute to correct compliance with privacy legislation.

Various links

To have a complete picture from prospect to customer and from customer to ex-customer, (good) collaboration between various systems and therefore different departments is indispensable. IT plays an important role in all those processes, links and collaborations, not only facilitating, but from a policy point of view. In order to add value for the customer and thereby contribute to business objectives.