All customer data visible at a glance

A complete customer file, that is one of the ultimate goals for which CRM is put down. An overview of all communication with the customer, or efforts that have been realized for the customer, clearly together. Due to the information flows and amount of data that are stored today, it is not only necessary that there is an overview. Fast and comprehensive search tools have also become very important.

What is stored?

There is sometimes an attempt to recreate, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn in the CRM system by storing everything that happens on social media. Unnecessary effort because good CRM already provides that information. This information is easy to access from the ‘customer card’. The really important data on which analyses take place is stored in the CRM system. This saves a bit of contamination of the database. There are also times when too little is stored. Telephone calls, for example, that are not recorded out of laxity or lack of time, “it will be logged in later“. A link to the telephone exchange ensures that this is a thing of the past. When the phone rings you will immediately end up on the organization card or at the contact person and the notes can be entered immediately. On the next call, you’ll know the ins and outs when a customer starts the conversation with the expectation that the previous conversation is still fresh in the mind.

Link email to relationship card

In addition to social media, there is another superpower in the field of storage, email. Despite the fact that it has been predicted for years that electronic messaging has now ended, usage is still increasing. All these emails should be given a place and preferably not in folders in the package with which the e-mail is sent. Simply link to the organization card or contact person where it can be determined what is important and what is not.

CRM, a complete customer file

Save documents

The quotations in Word or Excel, the construction drawings in Autocad, the Powerpoint presentations or the latest letter in PDF format. Documents, photos and videos, ensure a steady filling of the server or the cloud and finding it is not always a “piece of cake“. A CRM solution in which the documents are “stored with the customer“, ensures clarity and findability in the digital deluge of data. A search function within the CRM package that ensures that content can be searched in all spreadsheets, text documents, PDFs and more is then convenient.

The paper communication via the mail channel can also be archived in this way. Scan, recognize text and automatically link it to the customer card. There is little chance that a real paper-free office will be possible in the near future, but the steps in the right direction are there. Findability, clear, fast and extensive are the key words if you want to manage the flow of information and storage.

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