Marketing & sales want more high-quality leads

Besides better cooperation between marketing and sales, those responsible for marketing and sales are particularly looking for more high-quality leads. This is the outcome of a survey of 367 marketing, sales and PR professionals by all-inclusive PR and marketing agency Marcommit.

Cooperation between sales & marketing pays off

Different industries have differing marketing needs. In the IT sector, 50% are most in need of quality leads. Among B2B companies, this is actually the first item on the wish list when it comes to marketing. Among B2C companies, improvements in cooperation between marketing and sales take the top spot.

Inbound marketing

Eline Visser, Managing Director of Marcommit: “It’s good to see that better cooperation between marketing and sales is high on the wish list. Marketing has a lot to gain from the knowledge possessed by sales departments when it comes to being relevant at an early stage of the buyer journey. Sadly, more often than not, this knowledge remains unutilized. Especially now that content is coming at customers from all directions, relevance is essential. We see that inbound marketing is a nice driver for a better relationship between sales and marketing. And more importantly, it enables organizations to make a connection and establish a relationship with a customer — which is what interests both sales and marketing.”

CRM & leads

A good CRM strategy and supporting CRM tools can contribute to mapping out the customer journey and customer needs, and ultimately help provide tailored service with relevant content. In the end, the CRM system plays a pivotal role in generating high-quality leads.