• "CRM has truly become a strategic tool"

    Angelique Bemelmans, blogger at Archie CRM, had an exclusive interview with Lieke Lamb about the trends in the field of CRM in 2015. Lieke Lamb

  • Customer service is the front line when it comes to external communication with customers. Questions about products or services, complaints, and administrative problems often show up first in

  • In the world of CRM, online CRM has become a hot topic. But what is it exactly? What are the options? And what does it have to do with SaaS, the Cloud, and hosting?


  • CRM Selection

    If you are selecting a CRM solution you’ll have to take a few criteria into consideration.


    Within Archie CRM you can make a query on almost every

  • The IT landscape is no longer imaginable without online software hosting, aka SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Especially CRM applications are ideal for use via the cloud.


  • This module is used for management and maintenance of the Archie database. 


    Merging identical organizations. Merging export files. Checking addresses using the ...

  • A new version of Archie SQL is available.

  • You can now upgrade from an older Archie version by exchanging it for a subscription to the latest SQL version of Archie XRM at an attractive monthly fee.

    The monthly Archie subscription


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