Increase your sales opportunities

Turn prospects into customers

Every new relationship begins with listening, gathering information. What needs, wishes and expectations are involved? Who are the decision-makers and competitors? You want as clear a picture of your prospect as possible. To achieve this, all colleagues involved simply keep track of relevant information about prospects in Archie. From contact moments, call reports and appointments to quotes. This will help you take action with the best offer at the right moment.

Archie enables you to make the best offer at the right moment

Finding new business

New business often resembles old business. So use Archie to analyze which clients and which industries you’re already doing successful business with. Archie also features a customer pyramid based on the 80/20 rule as standard (80% of your revenue tends to originate from 20% of your customers). This enables you to easily compose a customer profile for potential New Business. Naturally, you import your new leads directly into Archie. You lay out follow-up actions and analyze the results at every step along the way.

Establish a bond

Archie CRM helps you develop durable relationships with customers. With Archie, you can add value to your relationship with your customer in a variety of ways. That’s the primary goal of CRM: building and maintaining relationships. Understanding spending patterns, knowing people’s wishes, and being aware of any complaints. By capitalizing on this understanding, you can strengthen your mutual bond and increase the odds of retention and deep-selling. The result is a lasting, happy business relationship.

Archie is happy tot collaborate

To complete the view of your contacts, Archie easily integrates with other software. With Outlook Mail and Calendar, for example. All of your emails and appointments can be managed in the relevant relation’s details in both Outlook and Archie. Archie can also connect with Exact’s back-office software, Spotler e-mail marketing, and financial and lead data from, among others.

Archie stores emails directly unde the right contact or organization

Your customer, my customer

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find new customers among existing customers’ networks. Recommendations inspire trust. Use Archie to find out which people at different places know each other. What roles they play, and whether they’re involved in any other businesses. With Archie, you can turn your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

With Archie, it’s easy to map out your customer’s network

Achieve your goals

For a customer-oriented business, CRM is indispensable. After all, you’re not just focusing on traditional short-term aims, but also aiming for long-term goals. As a result, you’re inspiring customer loyalty and maximizing profits. Archie CRM inherently provides extensive analysis capabilities. For instance, you’ll see an immediate overview of revenue growth in the last few months or years, forecasts, the number of customer visits or customer turnover figures. With these analytics, you can closely follow the developments of your team or a particular product group, and make adjustments as needed.

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