Know what they want

Get an instant snapshot

Contact with partners and other relations runs smoothly when you have an overview of everything that’s happening on a single screen. Not just things like organization and contact details, but also appointments, email exchanges, quotations issued and more. Archie collates all relevant information and presents it clearly in one place. Every relevant colleague has instant access to all important information about the person or organization in question.


Archie CRM presents all information concerning a particular relation clearly on a single screen

No more searching

Whether it’s you or a colleague who enters information about a customer, it all ends up in the same place: under the relation’s heading. It sounds logical, and it is. You can find all your documents and appointments in the moment when you need them, saving time and frustration.

Archie is happy to collaborate

To complete the view of your contacts, Archie easily integrates with other software. With Outlook Mail and Calendar, for example. All of your emails and appointments can be managed in the relevant relation’s details in both Outlook and Archie. Archie can also connect with Exact’s back-office software, Spotler e-mail marketing, and financial and lead data from, among others.

Make a good impression

To ensure effective communications, it’s useful to have a good picture of what’s been happening with a particular relationship. By taking a quick look at recent call reports and email exchanges, for example. Or quickly reviewing a presentation that was given. With Archie CRM, managing everything you need for communication with your contact becomes a breeze. Meaning you can provide the best response.

It’s about who you know

Getting to know new contacts is something you invest time in. A collection of business cards hasn’t been enough for a long while. You want to know who works where, and what their role is in this or that organization. Even whether there are any compelling connections among them. Archie CRM enables you to build a strong network and keep on top of it.

Use Archie to administer and analyse your management information

Achieve your goals

Without knowledge, you won’t get there. With Archie CRM, all the reports you need are just a click away. Along with the crucial ability to properly analyze your relationship data. Is everything going smoothly? Any adjustments needed? Archie CRM provides extensive analysis capabilities to help you make these determinations. Be it for services, sales or marketing.

Relationship Management modules

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