Humanize your marketing

Structure your campaigns

A campaign is all about creating contact moments. Ideally, you do so in a controlled manner. Archie helps you provide a logical structure to your marketing campaigns. From determining your target group to monitoring the results. You can see who responds and who ignores your message. Based on that, you can decide on the right follow-up actions.

Archie ensures you take the right steps

Tailored email marketing

You’ll want to keep well in touch with your customers and target groups. By sending newsletters, invitations and special offers, for instance. With Archie CRM, you can send the right messages to the right people. Based on customer profiles, you can set up a custom email list. You’ll be able to make your mailing personal by including relevant contact details from Archie. And of course, after sending the email, you can easily see whether it’s been opened, has bounced, or actually resulted in someone clicking through to your website. Giving you a good idea of the effectiveness of your email campaign and whether any adjustments are needed for the future.

Connect with social media

Through social media, you can get to know your customer from a different viewpoint. That’s why Archie CRM can also be linked with major social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. If you know what’s on your customers’ minds, you can use that. As a result, you’ll grow closer to your customer. Which will pay off.

Follow your customers on social media using Archie

Get more out of your events

When you organize an event, you want to get it right. Archie is happy to help. From selecting invitees to sending out the invitations and any reminder emails. When you get a response, you enter it in Archie. This allows you to make a perfect forecast of the number of people you should expect. During the event itself, you’ll be able to easily keep track on a visitors’ list of who did and didn’t come. Afterwards, you can ensure appropriate follow-ups.

Know your customer

To distinguish between different groups of customers, it’s important to know their characteristics. In Archie, you can assign relations all the characteristics that you deem important. From age and spending patterns to locality. It’s up to you. The more characteristics, the clearer your image will be. And the better you’ll be able to tailor your communications to the needs and behavior of the recipient. Thus, you can compile groups that have a lot in common and compose perfectly personalized letters and emails.

Compile characteristics for clear customer profiles with Archie

Stay in control

You’ll want to know the effects of any campaign you’re running. What’s the opening rate for the emails you’re sending? Has there been an increase in contact moments, and how many appointments is that resulting in? Any increase in quote requests, orders or assignments? Archie provides a wide range of analytics capabilities, which you can benefit from anytime and anywhere.

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