The numbers tell the tale

Follow your dashboards

Archie presents simple, straightforward dashboards. Start your day by opening your personal dashboard, and you’ll have an instant overview of what’s happening. No need to carry out any complex ad-hoc analyses — just the current state of affairs, already there for you. You can set up a number of different dashboards — not just for yourself (your personal dashboard), but also for your team, breaking down team performance for everyone involved. As a team, how are you doing? What’s going well? Where can we help each other? The result is greater involvement and valuable learning moments.

Discover new sales opportunities with Archie

Manage your customer pyramid

Archie’s customer pyramid is based on the 20–80 rule: 20% of customers tend to generate around 80% of revenue. With the customer pyramid, you get an immediate overview of which customers are generating the greatest amounts of revenue. You’ll also be able to track customer turnover. How many new customers have been gained in the past year? How many have been lost? And what are the dynamics like within the pyramid? Did customers grow, or did they shrink? You can use this information to compose the ideal customer profile. Useful for attracting new business and creating more sales opportunities.

Analyze your campaigns

You want to make your marketing as effective as possible. There are plenty of options: email, post, telemarketing, events. With Archie, you can easily measure and analyze a wide range of variables. What’s the turnout at an event, or the response to a campaign? How many suspects did it deliver, and what’s the conversion rate? How many leads ended up becoming customers? Whatever it is you’re organizing, you’ll want to know the result. And to draw lessons for the future. Because you can always do better.

Achieve your goals

Archie’s analytics features provide you with indispensable information. For instance, regarding revenue development, which products and services are selling well, which ones aren’t doing so well, what customer turnover is like, campaign results, forecasting, and so on. With Archie, you’ve got a very clear view of all facets that are important to management. And if you like, you can easily process that information in Excel.

Archie keeps you and your team focused on many fronts

Pay the right amount of attention

Every business relationship requires a certain amount of attention. Often, there’s a minimum number of contact moments required to engage a prospect in a dialogue. But what is that number for your organization? With Archie, you’ll know. You’ll also know how much attention is currently being invested in existing customers. Spending a lot of time on a customer who doesn’t bring in a lot of revenue is a waste. Conversely, paying too little attention could result in loss of customers. By applying this knowledge, you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Archie measures all attention given

A foundation for your plans

Archie provides analytical insight into performance. Both your own and that of the team you work with. You get to see how revenue is developing and where that revenue is coming from. Archie automatically gathers data and performs all kinds of analyses in the background. These analyses are perfect for making solid forecasts. Information you can use to determine how you can reach your target audience and market even better. Supporting you in the development of new products or services. And helping you formulate realistic objectives for your team. Archie gives you a solid foundation for your plans, in both the short and long term.

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