Communicate like you know everyone personally

Good to see you!

Your relations expect you to be genuinely interested in them. Archie CRM helps you with this by providing quick access to all customer information. Regardless of whether you’re at the office or using your mobile on the way to an appointment. With the information stored in Archie, you know what you’re talking about. This way, you’re always ready for conversation with a personal touch.

The knowledge you accumulate in Archie enables more pleasant contact

Share everything

Naturally, you want to give your customer an optimal experience. By monitoring all contact moments in Archie, from introduction to delivery, you can increase your chance of success. Every authorized employee will have insight into all current affairs regarding the customer, and be able to add their own details and developments. Together, you can create a clear picture of your customer.

Define your target groups

To communicate with large groups of people, like customers, prospects, members and clients, you need to know what ties them together. The better you can show that you know your target group, the better your chances of interaction and conversion. That’s why in Archie’s CRM software, you can input segmentation characteristics for your relations. Like the region in which your client is located. Or which products or services they purchase from you. Every characteristic contributes to a better customer profile, enabling you to easily send personalized e-mailings and letters, for example.

Tailored email marketing

You’ll want to keep well in touch with your customers and target groups. By sending newsletters, invitations and special offers, for instance. With Archie CRM, you can send the right messages to the right people. Based on customer profiles, you can set up a custom email list. You’ll be able to make your mailing personal by including relevant contact details from Archie. And of course, after sending the email, you can easily see whether it’s been opened, has bounced, or actually resulted in someone clicking through to your website. Giving you a good idea of the effectiveness of your email campaign and whether any adjustments are needed for the future.

Archie loves Office

For a complete view of your customer, simply link Archie CRM to your MS Office calendar and email. All of your emails and appointments can be managed in the relevant relation’s details in both Outlook and Archie. You’ll also be able to easily personalize emails. In short, Outlook and Archie are a perfect pairing.

Emails are stored directly under the right contac or organization

Monitor social media

Through social media, you can get to know your customer from a different angle. That’s why Archie CRM can also be linked with major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you know what’s on your customers’ minds, you can capitalize on that. As a result, you’ll grow closer to your customer. Which pays off.

Communication modules

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