Make your life easier

Tailored to your needs

Archie’s software adapts itself to your organization. Not the other way around. Archie provides comprehensive functionality as standard, but if you do need more, it’s easy to extend this functionality and tool Archie to your own particular way of working. Custom software changes are rarely needed. This means the software is easy to administer and maintain and pleasant for all to use.

Link with back office

Address databases. Financial and administrative data. Website input. There’s plenty of data to enrich your relationship database. And with Archie, processing all that data is no trouble. You can import or export data once or multiple times. Or create a fixed link between Archie and another software system. Data from other systems can be incorporated into Archie automatically and on the fly. And vice versa.

Get up and running quickly

Archie has a short implementation time. No need for lots of consultant visits; no hours of deliberation. Thanks to Archie’s many years of experience, its unique software and a proficient team, you can usually get up to speed with Archie within 3 months. Or even quicker. Archie can run either in the cloud or on your own server. It’s up to you. And of course it runs on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones without any fuss.

Stay in control

Relationship management only works if you maintain a correctly filled database. Archie provides a range of tools to ensure the integrity of your database. These include tools for deduplicating relations, verifying addresses, database cleanup, and merging export files. To monitor the use and functioning of Archie, system administrators can access a system log. The log shows exactly what’s been happening in Archie.